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The company's mission and pursuit

        Our Company is specialized in the R&D and manufacturing of cylindrical lithium battery. In the battery industry with strong competitors, our company is still small, but we have a great dream: in the near future, we will have the ability to compete with all lithium battery tycoons on an equal footing and win a place in cylindrical lithium battery industry all over the world!

        Cham's mission: adhere to the concept to change world energy structure with green new energy products and create a brighter future for human being.

Cham is dedicated in the win-win of shareholders, employees and the society!


1st in Core Value: Customers and Services

       Business success relies on the recognition of the extent of your customers, we will also have the ability to mobilize all of our resources to win the trust of customers, we will continue to use higher quality and performance of products, the market reaction speed, faster and more cost control, and strive for the success of our customers. We insist that any organization, process and system established within the company must be established on the basis of providing customers with better service. 

      The success of business operation depends on customers' degree of recognition. We have the intention and capability to utilize all our resources to win the trust of the customers. We will continuously make great efforts to help our customers to achieve success with higher product performance and quality, faster marketing reaction, and stronger cost-control capability. We insist that all the organizations, processes and institutions established within the company shall be based on providing better services to our customers.

2nd in Core Value: Human Capital

        We are dedicated to realize the appreciation of human resources. The employees with different skills but sharing the same values are our precious core resources. We pay close attention to the internal development and promotion of our employees. We try our best to establish equal systems with challenging assessment, salaries and promotion chances to guarantee those outstanding employees with dedicated spirit and splendid talents can continuously achieve success in our company.

3rd in Core Value: Teamwork and Cooperation

        We always emphasize teamwork. The leaders are responsible to build and maintain the trust and understanding among the team members. It is the leaders' basic liabilities to organize, stimulate and guide the members to show no fear to difficulties and try hard to make achievements. Therefore, leaders hold the responsibility for the performance of themselves and their subordinates. Good leaders shall set themselves as an example to others in maintaining the interests and values of the Company.
     We insist that the attitudes of honesty, frankness and mutual respect are not only beneficial to the communication and cooperation among the members, but also beneficial to the establishment of long-lasting cooperation with our customers, suppliers and other related companies.


4th in Core Value: Decision and Execution

        While making decisions within the scope authorized by our company, each employee shall take into consideration of customers' benefits, efficiency and cost, and bear the related responsibilities. All the decisions shall be made based on first-hand information, and shall be made as soon as possible; once decision made, the employees shall implement it unconditionally and conscientiously, and the decision maker shall keep close attention on it until desired effect achieved.

5th in Core Value: Competition

         Ultimately, company operation is one commercial competitive behavior. Survival of the fittest is the law of nature. While facing strong competitors, we cannot afford to slacken our efforts in the slightest. Our company shall maintain our strong learning and improving abilities, and the basis of these abilities is that every employee shall improve his work every day; meanwhile, we shall respect our competitors, because these excellent enterprises improve the level of the whole industry, which also promote our improvement.