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  • Cham Events in 2017

     1. Over 20 new energy cars assembled with Cham batteries were selected to be included in recommended directory released by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology In 2017, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released 11 directories of Recommended Models of Promotion and Application of New Energy Cars, including over 20 cars assembled with Cham batteries, e.g. Zhejiang Haoqing, Geely Automobile, Shanghai Sunlong, Yangzhou Asiastar, Nanjing Golden Dragon, Baic Yinxiang, Shanxi Tongjia, DFM, etc..   2. Three power batteries of Cham Battery passed national mandatory testing In the first half of 2017, three power batteries of Cham Battery, CMICR18650F8Q 2550mAh, C...

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